Monster Hunter Rise Launches Demo On PC: Requirements, Content


Monster Hunter Rise: The Capcom game releases this demo with no limit of uses, five missions and with a total of three monsters available: Mizutsune, Magnamalo and Great Izuchi. Capcom has officially released the free demo of Monster Hunter Rise for PC. The acclaimed new video game in the saga, until now available exclusively for consoles on Nintendo Switch, will go on sale on January 12, 2022 on a computer via Steam, which will allow those looking to play in 4K resolution and with the framerate. unlocked they can do it without problem. We tell you how to download the demo, how much it weighs and what it includes.

Download the demo of Monster Hunter Rise for PC now

The Monster Hunter Rise demo is now available on Steam with single player mode and online multiplayer with up to four players. At our disposal we find the 14 types of weapons available in this installment. It is necessary to free 10 GB of free space in the storage of our computer and includes these five missions:

Basic training mission.
Wyvern mount training mission.
Slay a Great Izuchi.
Slay a Mituzsune.
Slay a Magnamalo (advanced difficulty).

The demo has no limit of uses, so we can use it as many times as we want from Steam. It is necessary to have an account on the Valve portal to download this content and a Windows 10 computer.


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