Monster Hunter Rise: Guide to the battle with the Shogun-tseanataur (tips, tactics and strategies)


The Shogun Ceanataur is a beast returning in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which previously appeared in earlier games in the franchise, starting with Monster Hunter 2. The Shogun Ceanataur is a shell, the first in Monster Hunter Rise, and it looks very much like a hermit crab. Players will meet the Shogun Ceanataur in a Flooded Forest, a dense jungle with a massive river system that floods most of the land. Shogun Ceanataur joins other new beasts, such as Elder Dragon Malzeno from Monster Hunter, in the new Sunbreak expansion.

Shogun Ceanataur uses water attacks and Waterblight effects to deal damage to players. The Shogun Ceanataur uses its claws to attack players; when fully extended, they are almost twice as long as its body, making it difficult for players to avoid the attack. Players can destroy his shell, but at the same time he burrows underground and appears with a new shell. Tseanataurs-shoguns often use the skull of a wyvern as a shell. Having destroyed his second shell, he is defenseless until the end of the battle. Shogun Ceanataur’s attacks include water blasts and piercing claw attacks.

Having come face to face with Shogun Ceanataur, a returning beast in the Flooded Monster Hunter Forest, they must use mitigating tactics to heal from water sickness, use thunder attacks and be able to avoid maneuvers to successfully defend against Shogun Ceanataur and defeat him.

Tips, tactics and strategies to fight the shogun Tseanataur in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Shogun Ceanataur in Monster Hunter Rise uses water attacks, including Waterblight, which reduce stamina over time. Given the impressive length of Shogun Ceanataur’s claws, players will often have to use stamina to dodge his attacks, so defeating Waterblight will cause damage during combat. To counter this, players must keep a supply of nulberry on hand to cure water rot. Another way to cure Waterblight is to repeatedly dodge or use Wiredash, but since these moves require stamina, players will need to manage statistics.

Shogun Ceanataur is weak to Thunder attacks, so players should equip armor and weapons from the Monster Hunter Rise equipment arsenal that have Thunder attack skills, such as the Tobi-Kadachi Coil. In addition to using powerful weapons, the best defense against the Tseanataur shogun is to learn how to dodge, dive and roll. Dodging will not only help cure players of Waterblight if they don’t have Nulberrys on hand, but it will also help players avoid many long-range attacks with the claws of Shogun Ceanataur. Shogun Ceanataur has 5 main attacks, and many of them can be effectively evaded: Burrow, Charge, Claw Slash, Claw Swipe and Water Beam. Claw strikes and claw strikes are especially dangerous as they have a long range and can cause players to bleed.

In addition to dodging attacks, using Thunder, and trying to avoid Water Rot, the Shogun Zeanataur in Monster Hunter Rise can deal bleeding damage, which is new to the Sunbreak DLC that was present in previous franchise games. If players receive enough claw strikes, they take bleeding damage. During bleeding, players receive additional damage when attacking. To remove the “Bleeding” status, players need to crouch down, but when faced with a fast-attacking monster such as Shogun Ceanataur, it can be dangerous.