Monster Hunter Rise For PC To The Limit: This Is What It Looks Like In 8K With Ray Tracing On An RTX 3090


Monster Hunter Rise: The Capcom title is now available on the computer after passing through Nintendo Switch. This is how it looks with one of the most powerful graphics cards of the moment. The arrival of Monster Hunter Rise on PC after its premiere in 2021 on Nintendo Switch is allowing hundreds of thousands of players to enjoy one of the best installments in the series on Steam. In addition, according to the opinions of the buyers, it is an excellent port that meets expectations. Depending on how powerful our team is, the game will offer higher visual fidelity; added to an unlocked frame rate per second. This is what the game looks like in 8K resolution and with Ray-Tracing enabled running on an Nvidia RTX 3090.

The Digital Dreams channel is known for pushing just about any new video game they get their hands on to the limit. In this case, the Capcom title offers its best face graphically by making use of its maximum possible configuration. And yes, despite running it in 8K resolution, the frame rate does not suffer, constant at 60 FPS.

For the rest, the game that we already know, with a superlative verticality and depth in the scenarios; Although as we already pointed out in the analysis that you can read in FreeGameTips, some textures do not come out quite well when the resolution is increased so much. What is improved are other graphical aspects such as antialiasing for character models and the environment, or much improved lighting compared to the Nintendo console, where it is still one of the best-selling and best-valued games.

Monster Hunter Rise, available on PC and Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest installment in the saga to date. Capcom’s hunting saga is still waiting for an eventual Monster Hunter World 2; Meanwhile, the present and future of Rise is hopeful as the Sunbreak expansion is confirmed for this summer, which, as Iceborne did in MHW, will provide us with dozens of hours of totally new content starting this summer of 2022.

The debut of Malzeno, Lunagaron or Shogun Ceanataur as new monsters is confirmed. Capcom promises that the expansion will be “giant.” The game is available on Nintendo Switch and PC; Sunbreak will be released on both platforms at a price to be determined.