Monster Hunter Rise: Capcom shows the Great Sword


Capcom publishes 6 minutes of Monster Hunter Rise gameplay, where the prominence is taken by the Great Sword. This is a hunt for the Aknosom.

Capcom publishes a new gameplay of Monster Hunter Rise, the next installment of the saga exclusively for Nintendo Switch. During the 6 minutes of video we can appreciate several of the characteristics of the title, such as being able to use the Palamute as a mount.

The footage revolves around the Great Sword, perhaps the most widely used and recognized weapon by all hunters. In the description of the video we can see that the objective of the mission is to hunt down an Aknosom, which in the team’s words is “a peculiar wyvern”. The two Palamutes that accompany the player allow the objective to be distracted from our position.

At the last minute you can see the hook in action, a multi-purpose gadget that needs to refresh after use. You will find the full gameplay at the top of this news.

Monster Hunter: Rise, the quest for the portable experience

Rise’s appearance is no accident. The development has taken 4 years for the team led by Yasunori Ichinose, who did the same with Monster Hunter Generations. The game will make use of the RE Engine, which will make its debut on Nintendo Switch. We will have 14 different types of weapons, the same amount as in Monster Hunter World. We will not have to wait long to get the glove: it will arrive exclusively for the hybrid console on March 26.

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The objective of the title is that it works at 30 images per seungo. On the other hand, it will have free additional content throughout its post-launch cycle, as in other recent deliveries. His arrival will be accompanied by three themed amiibo about the game: Palamute, Magnamalo and Palico. Each one will unlock a special armor set, so it will have more use than the mere collector’s item.

You can see more playable material through this link.


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