Monster Hunter Rise, Analysis On PC: A Port At The Height Of The Platform


Monster Hunter Rise: The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise lives up to the expectations of gamers on the platform. We tell you our conclusions. Monster Hunter Rise follows Capcom’s trend on PC. After its initial debut on Nintendo Switch, the new hunt for the Japanese leads us to a port that meets the demand on the platform. The RE Engine behaves perfectly, although they had it easy. At the end of the day we are facing a game that had to run as a base on hardware like the hybrid. But its smaller structure compared to Monster Hunter World does not stop its offer at the playable level.

With those words we drew the conclusions of our original analysis. The PC version keeps intact all the elements, both unpublished and known, that make this installment an ideal complement for those who have already lived the great adventure of World. In fact, by March of last year, we already raised the direct comparison between the two deliveries.

Monster Hunter Rise review pc note

“When we thought that World had established the foundations of what the series should be in practically everything, the new installment opens a parallel path where progress is made in the most important thing: the gameplay,” we said. Among these advances we find two proper names. On the one hand, the Canyne, a companion that goes beyond just another ally in combat. He gives us the ability to navigate the stage without relying on tediums or your own resistance. Mounted on it we can even combine some actions, such as taking potions or sharpening.

But the one who has the singing voice of the novelties is the cordópter, the second in contention, “a pleasant surprise” that influences both the offensive and defensive planes. Introducing it deepens the possibilities available to us when we move. “The chordopter goes beyond offering a way to travel as if we were Spider-Man, to get thrown in the air or to do up to a triple jump if we find a third chordopter”, we pointed out.