Monster Hunter Mobile Game Is in Development


The Monster Hunter game for mobile games is currently under development, and Capcom is collaborating with TiMi Studio Group.


On their official Twitter account, TiMi announced that they are currently working on a new game from their favorite series. They also talked about this partnership on the TiMi Studio website. They mentioned that the game “will reproduce the hunting actions characteristic of the Monster Hunter series, and offers players a new gaming experience unique to mobile devices and phones.”

This first partnership between TiMi and Capcom will combine the experience and strengths of both sides, which will allow Monster Hunter to scale to more platforms in order to give hunters from all over the world — experienced or novice — the freedom to hunt at will, anytime and anywhere. .

TiMi Studio Group is a subsidiary of Tencent Games. These are the people behind the popular mobile games Call of Duty: Mobile and Pokemon Unite. I hope this game will be a breath of fresh air for the franchise.

This is not the first time the Monster Hunter game has been released on mobile devices. Back in 2011, Dynamic Hunting was released on iOS. After that, in 2018 they released Monster Hunter Stories. In Dynamic Hunting, the gameplay was somewhat similar to the main games in which you attacked and dodged monster attacks. On the other hand, there were turn-based battles in the stories. None of these games actually have the “hunting action” that TiMi promises players.

Of course, we look forward to more details in the future.


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