Monster Hunter in VR! Check Out The Newest Attraction Of The Game In Japan


Monster Hunter: Capcom certainly isn’t passing up the opportunity to capitalize on Monster Hunter’s success. One of the most unusual features of the game is a new attraction in Japan that takes players on a virtual reality (VR) adventure in the world of Monster Hunter!

As the video above shows, we can see that it is a “ride”, amusement park tour style. Guides take participants through a pre-set path to a VR experience in Monster Hunter, which ends with a fight against Velkhana, one of the main monsters in the Iceborne expansion in Monster Hunter World.

It’s a tight-knit tour, but the idea is to offer a “full-body” immersion in Monster Hunter VR. You can see that there are controls all over the players’ bodies, detecting their displacement and even precise hand movements, like picking up something.

Combat is obviously somewhat limited. At the end, participants receive a score for their performance and have the opportunity to spend a little more by going through the souvenir shop.

The tour appears to have just debuted in Japan, so it is difficult to predict availability in other countries. You also can’t imagine this model of Monster Hunter VR coming to PC and consoles, but who knows – if the attraction is very successful – Capcom doesn’t try to create a version of the game that can reach people’s homes.