Monster Hunter director writes universe-based material


The film directed by Paul W.S. Anderson has not yet been released, but they are already thinking about content for future projects.

After years of working on the Resident Evil movies, Paul W.S. Anderson has set his sights on the Monster Hunter saga, also owned by Capcom. With the help of Sony Pictures, the video game will come to life on the big screen. It will be from December 4 when viewers can see Milla Jovovich as Captain Artemis, who will have to fight against huge creatures. The actress has advanced in an interview with Total Film that Anderson is thinking about possible sequels. In fact, she has recognized that the director “is already writing” something within the universe of this film.

“We would love to do another one. Hopefully people will love it, because Paul is really looking forward to making the sequel. I mean, he’s already writing something. ” For his part, the head of the film added: “I’ve been working on Monster Hunter for 11 years.” According to the director, the monsters have been recreated “with more detail” than movies like Jurassic World. “There are hundreds of monsters [in the game] and I’ve only been able to use five or six in the movie. It’s a big and fun world, so I think we’ve only started to scratch its surface. ”

In a parallel world

The Monster Hunter movie is based on video games, but does not tell a canon story. The action takes place in a parallel world where the great monsters are not the result of imagination. Captain Artemis and her unit are surprised by a sandstorm, which transports them to that strange world. There, they must do everything possible to survive and put an end to the great threats that hang over their heads.

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