Monster Crown Gets Its First Big Update


Players will be able to raise creatures from birth and make monsters learn new abilities. Beasts may seem untamed, but in the world of Monster Crown, you will be able to dominate monsters if you follow the proper techniques.

Through a press release, Studio Aurum has announced a major update for its title, which went on sale on July 31 in early access, after the success of its Kickstarter campaign (in three days it managed to meet all its objectives ). Now, the developer confirms new features. Thus, thanks to the new patch, the exchange of monsters online will be enabled, as well as the learning of movements and NET Eggs.

Players will have the opportunity to raise surprise monsters and teach them special abilities. A random creature will hatch from the egg, containing the genes of the monsters of players around the world. As for the skills that can be learned, they are very numerous, but each monster will only be able to remember 6 of them. The studio promises many more updates during Steam Early Access.


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