MONSTA X’s Shownu Will Remain Close To Monbebe Even During His Military Service


MONSTA X’s Shownu apparently won’t leave his fans alone during his Military Service. The leader of MONSTA X always cares about his members and his fans, that is why he will not abandon anyone while he is fulfilling his obligations as a South Korean citizen, how will he consent to MONBEBE?

Shownu has already started his training to perform his mandatory military service in South Korea, although he will not have activities in the military field due to some injuries and will have office hours, MONBEBE was still worried about this member of MONSTA X and thinking about how much he I would miss him during the fulfillment of his obligations.

For his part, Shownu was prepared for this stage of his life but also a bit sad to have to leave and get away from his fans and colleagues for a while as his activities will end until 2023; all his fellow MX members joined him at the time of his enlistment and we were able to see them together until the last moment.

But all is not lost and as long as MONBEBE continues to support MONSTA X and Shownu, the leader of the band will have energy and motivation to fulfill his obligations and return; in addition to preparing some surprises for the fandom : 0 what will it be about?


So that MONBEBE does not miss Nunu while he fulfills his Military Service, the MX member-created ‘SHOWNUayo‘, apparently they will be monthly videos that we can see while he is doing his good citizen activities.

With the following teaser, MONSTA X announced ‘SHOWNUayo‘ which will arrive in August, hopefully, it will be monthly videos so as not to miss our favorite leader so much and hope that the same will happen with all the members when they have to leave for the Service: ‘ (.

Thus, the heart of MONBEBE has been rejoiced and reassured a little, who cares a lot for his favorite idols and especially for Shownu now that he will be temporarily away <3, we know that Nunu will do his best and we will be waiting for his return: ‘).


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