MONSTA X’s Shownu undergoes emergency surgery


During his most recent review, Shownu’s ophthalmologist noted that the idol must be treated immediately. Shownu attended a review with his ophthalmologist but had to have an operation unexpectedly.

According to the Starship Entertainment report, the MONSTA X member was being treated as part of the preliminary studies to undergo Lasik surgery in the coming days.

It was a laser surgery to correct vision problems such as myopia, astigmatism or farsightedness, in order to reduce the person’s need for glasses.

However, during his visit to the ophthalmologist, they discovered that he had suffered retinal detachment in one of his eyes, so he had to undergo an emergency operation that same afternoon.

Starship Entertainment also noted that Shownu’s health will be a priority, so that the idol can recover without complications.

Recently, Shownu was celebrating his birthday , receiving a large number of congratulatory messages and good wishes from his fans, who are likely concerned about the idol and his speedy recovery.

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