MONSTA X’s Shownu Teaches Rain How to Dance


K-Pop singers also enjoy BTS’s music, which is why Shownu and Rain learned Dynamite’s choreography during a new video.

The boys of BTS are at the top of the popularity charts and now the entire music industry inside and outside of South Korea knows very well who they are. So it’s no surprise that some famous singers are familiar with their songs, but this time, MONSTA X’s Rain and Shownu learned a choreography from Big Hit Entertainment’s idols.

The dance routines performed by Bangtan Sonyeondan on stage are not exactly straightforward. In fact, we have seen how Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, V and RM practice with a lot of energy until they reach the level they have.

Despite this, Rain and Shownu decided to test their skills and learn the dance steps from Dynamite, BTS’s latest song.


In the most recent video Rain shared on his YouTube channel, this K-Pop singer is caught on camera as he heads to a mysterious location. He has his eyes covered so he is surprised to find that the episode will be filmed in a rehearsal room where MONSTA X’s Shownu and singer KCM are also present.

In that place, the staff announces that the mission they must fulfill is to perform a cover dance for an idol group. Rain announces that he doesn’t think he can do it, but as they start dancing he points out that they won’t be able to because of KCM’s dance skills.

With the help of a roulette wheel, the artists decide which idol group they will cover, but Shownu previously teaches them a little of the dance routines for each one. They spin the wheel and the signal indicates that they must learn to dance Dynamite from BTS.

It is then that we see them begin to practice under the guidance of Shownu and, although at the beginning it is difficult for them to mark the steps to the rhythm of the music, in the end they managed to present the choreography correctly.

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