MONSTA X’s Shownu celebrates his birthday with Monbebe’s love


The idol is celebrating his 28th birthday with the love of Monbebe. After the release of his album “FANTASIA”, Monbebe continues celebrating with MONSTA X for Shownu’s birthday.

The group ended their comeback promotions after conducting various interviews and musical performances, so now, Monbebe is showing his support for Shownu , leader of the group and who is turning 28, 29 in Korean age.

Shownu started his idol career under his real name Hyun Woo , practiced for more than 2 years in JYP, but his destiny led him to join the Nuboyz group. His talent managed to make him a leader and member of MONSTA X, with whom he has gained great recognition thanks to his music.

This year he is celebrating 29 years, an age at which he could consider himself fit to fulfill his military service; however, during the FANTASIA conference, he clarified that he is currently focused on the group’s activities.

Through social networks, Monbebe created the hashtag #HBDToShownu to share his messages of congratulations and support for the singer, who has shown great leadership with the group.

Monbebe has published his favorite videos and photos of the singer to remember his career in these years that the idol has been inside MONSTA X. They also recognized his effort, as he recently suffered an injury before the group made his comeback, but demonstrated the strength and managed to recover.

His stage name means “new show” and has honored his, as he has participated as an MC in various programs, has also composed some songs and participated in an OST.

On June 17, Shownu is ruled under the sign of Gemini, which portrays him as someone outgoing, intelligent, communicative and with a great charisma, he could never be boring. Monbebe also carried out various projects in his name to celebrate his day in coffee shops.

After making their comeback, the guys at MONSTA X took the time to show off their musical talents by facing up to a pun as part of the “FANSTASIA” promotions, the group proved to have a broad musical taste.


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