Monsta X’s Birthday! 12 Facts About Jooheon


Today is the birthday of Joohoney, the rapper of MONSTA X, know the curiosities of the idol. Today is a very special day for Monbebe, in South Korea it is already October 6, Jooheon is celebrating, because today he turns 26, (27 in Korean age). The idol is originally from Daegu and before surprising his fans with “Psyche”, his second mixtape, his fans filled him with love and congratulations on his birthday.


The idol was born in 1994, his talent allowed him to debut with his fellow MONSTA X, in addition to launching his solo projects like “Psyche”, today is a special day for the K-pop group, not only because of the announcement of his comeback with “Fatal Love”, but because the idol has a birthday and to celebrate it we will tell you about his curiosities and history.

Before rising to fame with MONSTA X, Joonhey belonged to project groups Y TEEN and Nuboyz. The idol finished his studies at Hyundai High School, in addition to mastering Korean, he also has a good command of English. The singer’s skills are highlighted through his mixtape and freestyle, in addition, his role as a composer has allowed him to record 118 songs in his name.

Joohoney has changed his name 2 times, from Lee Ho Joon, to Lee Ji Hwan and then to Lee Joo Heon.
He doesn’t like lotions, instead he uses a kind of scented talc with personalized scents
His ideal type of girl is someone who looks good in jeans and white tones, shares a taste for hip hop and is younger than him.
Believe that your eyes are your strongest and most attractive physical point
If he had the chance to act, he wants to play a rebellious boy
If he was Monbebe, his group bias would be Hyungwon and I.M
He prefers to give a cute image instead of looking like a rude boy
The death of his grandmother affected him a lot mentally and emotionally
He is afraid of fish
He likes to do imitations
His life motto is “Don’t be fake and live honestly”
Apparently he’s never had a girlfriend

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