MONSTA X Wins the Fifth Trophy With the Song ‘Rush Hour’


MONSTA X won the next victory trophy for their song, ‘Rush Hour‘. On Wednesday (01/12), MONSTA X’s song ‘Rush Hour‘ was again included in the nominations for the ‘Show Champion’ program.

Besides MONSTA X, the K-Pop idols who were nominated for ‘Show Champion‘ today are SF9 with the song ‘Trauma’, TWICE with ‘SCIENTIST’, Younha with ‘Stardust’, and Hwasa MAMAMOO with the song ‘I’m a B ‘.

Even though they didn’t receive the trophy directly on the music program, MONSTA X members expressed their gratitude to fans through a video message.

This is the fifth victory trophy that MONSTA X has won since making a comeback with ‘Rush Hour‘.

Congratulations to MONSTA X!