MONSTA X unleashes theories with the first preview of “Fantasia X”


The teaser for their comeback has already been released and Monbebe doesn’t know what to believe.

MONSTA X has already started preparations for its new comeback . It takes less than a month for the boys to surprise Monbebe with a new album.

May 11 will be the day that Monbebe can meet the new songs through the mini album “Fantasia X” , whose first teaser has already unleashed the theories of the concept and the story that the group wants to tell. We tell you the details.

Through his social networks, Monsta X published the first advance titled “ZONE” , the first episode of this series of teasers was starring Hyungwon. In the black and white clip you can see the idol in the middle of an alley or abandoned factory, but someone mysterious gives him a key.

This element is the one that has most awakened the theories of the fans, because in addition to having the number 514, the date of its debut, they believe that it is a sign of time travel, since Hyungwon enters a phone booth marked with the number 2007.

Another of the theories is that perhaps your new MV will be connected with other eras like “Dramarama”. Others believe they were taken to another dimension. Nor have they resolved who gives him the key and who he called. We will have to wait for the following teasers.

For now, Monbebe is very happy and can not wait to hear the new song, because in the background you could hear a great melody with great beats.


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