MONSTA X releases “You Can’t Hold My Heart”, its new video


The group released their new single “You Can’t Hold My Heart”. Monsta X is almost a month away from making its new comeback with “Fantasia X”. The boys are preparing to surprise Monbebe with new songs and great concepts.

But before releasing the first teasers for their new album, the boys stunned the fandom with the release of a new music video, the surprise of which made more than one cry. We tell you what it is about.

A couple of months ago, Monsta X released their first album entirely in English “All about Luv” , in which they included their single “You Can’t Hold My Heart” and whose MV shows each of the boys in a red room , where they let their feelings flow.

The pop ballad has a catchy rhythm and the lyrics talk about retaining the feelings that we harbor in our hearts until we can no longer resist it, even if we pretend every day, sooner or later there won’t be something that can hide what Sorry, Monbebe has shared some photos and clips of his favorite scenes on social networks and they consider that the video has a great aesthetic, in addition to demonstrating the evolution of the group.

But the surprise of “You Can’t Hold My Heart” was the presence of Wonho . Snif It was recently confirmed that the idol would continue with his solo career after the controversy against him; however, Monsta X respects her place as a member of the group and the boys decided to keep their voice in the song.

Monbebe shared his joy at being able to listen to Wonho along with all his colleagues, as the fandom continues to support the 7 members and the video was a type of reunion between the idol and the boys .


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