MONSTA X: Joohoney And All His Charms Captured On Red Carpet


MONSTA X’s Jooheon released an amazing mixtape with ‘Red Carpet’, know all about this song. MONSTA X has incredible idols and Joohoney is a great proof of this, both with the band and alone, the idol has made an impact on his own and strangers with his way of rapping, do you know his song ‘Red Carpet’? His mixtape is on its anniversary.

3 years, Joohoney of MONSTA X released his mixtape ‘DWTD’, on 31 August 2018, we met much of the creativity and originality of the rapper, who is not only a good singer and dancer, as also composes, writes, and produces; in solitary we can find more freedom for your tracks which lets us see the depths of his mind.

All of Jooheon’s mixtape is excellent, there are no bad songs in this one, maybe it could have been difficult to choose a title track with songs like ‘Kang Baek-ho’, ‘RUNWAY’ or ‘Manito’; but this cool rapper chose ‘Red Carpet’ and released a beautiful MV for this song.

With ‘DWTD’, Lee Jooheon entered the top 10 on the Billboard World Albums chart, something that lets us see the support that MONBEBE gave Joohoney’s mixtape as soon as it was released.


‘Red Carpet’ Made Its Debut at # 16 on Billboard World Digital Song Sales; a song with a fresh, fun beat that anyone can love, accompanied by Jooheon’s incredible voice, because not only are there moments of agile and fast rap for the track, but we can also hear the singer’s incredible vocals on this song.

The lyrics of the song let us see a very sweet and loving side of Jooheon as a composer and performer as well since this rapper is characterized by letting out all his emotions when singing and rapping, he can really convey everything he feels and think about how much you step on the stage and take the microphone.

Although ‘Red Carpet’ also shows us the duality of Joohoney, because after being a sweet boy, he can also be a seductive man with his lyrics, there is definitely a lot in his songs that show us more and more of this incredible idol.


Get to know the full message of Jooheon’s ‘Red Carpet‘ with its English translation, the lyrics of the song are truly unforgettable and each line of this track very attached to R&B will end up captivating you; Accompany the translation with this presentation that will simply take your breath away.

Red Carpet Lyrics:

Hold up
Wait a moment Question
A Fashion that I can‘t take my eyes away from
An exaggerated walking That’s what I like Hollywood action
Laser from my two eyes
Brrr l‘m nervous
Girl girl girl girl please don’t stop your behaviour
Just stand in the line
So many wolves desire you
Also the wind is blowing the swish of your skirt that’s fluttering excuse me
Your charismatic captivating charm is always flowing out
Your entire being is art, I would like to view it

Even if you don‘t put on expensive perfume
Even if you don’t wear branded goods
Even if the darkness were to come and strike you
You shine bright, what about it
No matter where you walk, all around you Red carpet
You come forward to welcome me
We should have a party

Your shape your color they’re all to my liking I like it so much
You are so colorful
What are you what’s your identity I‘m getting curious
Baby, Lord, you are so beautiful
I’m fly
I’m high
I’m fly
I’m high
I’m curious you’re so colorful

I react to all of your gestures whoo
You make all the impossible possible whoo
Who in the world can make out what you are
Just do whatever you want, that would be the correct answer
Don’t argue, don’t argue, it’s not pathetic
The place where you’re at and also
If it’s 100, it’s 100, the alcohol glass of the guys across me
I don’t care about what you think
My entire mind will be filled up with you
Yes I ( ) do my thing
The pain that has made a hole will be filled up
My Beyonce l?)
You do all sorts of things all kinds all colors
It’s dyed in, you’re my best artist
Ignorant status, white drawing paper
Draw a big picture, extravagantly
Just like your colors, multicoloured
Since it’s a harmonious imagination, it’s new
I feel it, what do I do, lonely
I’m so proud of you
Today just like yesterday, tomorrow just like today
it’s new every day

This is the beautiful song of Joohoney from MONSTA X, an excellent rapper that you will not be able to stop loving and today, his song and Mixtape celebrate 3 years since they were released and they do not stop sounding incredible and show us a lot of the talent of this amazing idol.


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