Monsta X Celebrates Its First Victory With ‘Follow’ And Thanks His Fans


Undoubtedly, the last few weeks have been full of mixed emotions for the boys of MONSTA X. Although Wonho is no longer with them, Monbebe has sent all his support to the band and the idols showed their gratitude in his most recent presentation in ‘The Show’.

MONSTA X lived a very special moment in ‘The Show’, where they had the opportunity to win their first recognition with their success ‘Follow’. The band took home the prize of the night, but not before thanking their fans for their support. The idols were bowing to Monbebe and showed their joy to know that they are still at his side in the most difficult moments.

The boys’ face continues to reflect a deep sadness after Wonho’s departure. Some of his fans expected the idol to make a surprise appearance on ‘The Show’ and many more wonder if Hoseok watched the show.

Several days after the departure of Wonho from MONSTA X was confirmed, Monbebe continues to be a worldwide trend on Twitter and they have not stopped asking the idol to return to the band soon, they also continue to remember the happy moments he gave them and how much It means to them.

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