MONSTA X announces his return with album Fatal Love


MONSTA X is ready for their comeback and released the first teaser for “Fatal Love,” their new album. The StarShip group will meet once again with Monbebe, after the success of their album “Fantasia”, the boys are ready to surprise their fans with new music, this time with their third studio album, surprisingly, they shared the first teaser and revealed the date of “Fatal Love.”


Through their official social networks, MONSTA X published the announcement and first teaser for “Fatal Love”, their new album, the K-pop group’s comeback is scheduled to take place on November 2, almost a month before Monbebe meet once again with idols, your post has already registered more than 40 thousand RTs and more than 50 thousand likes.

Apparently, the poster for their comeback stars Minhyuk, who only shows a close up to his lips. The image is a combination of tones, red, black and gray, giving a hint of the concept that MONSTA X will use in this comeback, it also lists the names of the members.


Monbebe created a trend on Twitter with the hashtags #Fatal_Love and #MONSTAX to share messages of support for the boys, as they are excited that they will reveal a complete album, the third in their career, in addition, the announcement was made during Joohoney’s birthday, who will also be making his solo comeback in a few days.

There are not many details of “Fatal Love” yet, but Monbebe is excited, also, the title song could relate the danger of love when one falls in love with someone who can destroy us in some way. It is hoped that MONSTA X can break the records they set with “Fantasia” and win again in this new comeback.

Joohoney also recently surprised Monbebe with the release of “Psyche”, his second mixtape.

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