Monkey steals cell phone and takes selfies


Last Sunday (13), a Malaysian student shared on his Twitter page a video showing curious images taken after recovering his cell phone. In the recording, there are several selfies and a video made by monkeys, who apparently had the device.

Zackrydz Rodzi added the following comment to the tweet: “Here is something we can watch once in a century”. The publication, of course, went viral and has received comments from people around the world, curious about the episode.

Clarifying the case

In an interview with the BBC, the boy acknowledged that “there were no signs of theft” when he noticed the disappearance of his smartphone. He doesn’t even know how the device was lost, much less how the photos and video got there.

Zackrydz confessed that he even felt a certain fear, thinking it was some kind of witchcraft. He said that the day after the cell phone disappeared, he made a call to the device trying to locate it, and realized that the ringing came from a forest near his home.

Following the sound, he found his smartphone on top of a palm tree, all muddy. On closer examination, he came face to face with the monkey selfies he found in his gallery, not counting the video, exclusively released by the BBC (see below).

Monkeys photographers

According to the BBC, unlike in other parts of the world, where monkeys live in urban areas, there are no reports in Malaysia about primates, except humans, improperly seizing objects inside homes.

According to the British newspaper, in 2017, a UK photographer fought a two-year legal battle against an animal rights group for the copyright of a photo taken by the monkey.

We clarify that the photos and videos that illustrate this post were attributed to Zackrydz Rodzi, but were made by the monkey, whose name we unfortunately do not know.


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