Money Laundering Incident in the Netherlands


According to the news in the NL Times, a couple in the Netherlands who were found to have engaged in money laundering with Bitcoin worth 16 million euros in 2.5 years was sentenced to 2 and 2.5 years in prison. In addition to this fine, the court fined the couple 2532 BTC and 250,000 euro in cash.

A court in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, arrested and sentenced a couple for Bitcoin money laundering. It was learned that the couple laundered 29 million euros worth of Bitcoin and communicated with their customers via the dark web.

How did the Dutch couple manage to launder money?

According to reports, the couple contacted customers, especially through dark web and internet advertisements. The couple, who received bitcoins from various individuals and individuals, helped them stay anonymous and continued money laundering without notification to the tax office. It was stated that the couple carried out all Bitcoin transactions in public places such as fast-food restaurants. It is among other data that the identity information of money laundering parties was not shared before the transaction.

In the case where 2532 BTC, currently worth about 29 million euros, was seized, the court also reportedly seized mobile phones, hard disks, computer equipment, jewelry, a luxury watch and a car.

Big banks targeted

Cryptopotato reported that big banks do not only help criminals in illegal activities such as money laundering, but are helping transfer trillions of dollars. While the FinCEN documents were put forward as justification, it was also learned that major banks such as Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, and American Express were involved in this business.

In a report published recently, FinCEN said that they wanted to track crypto money transfer transactions of $ 250 and more. It is stated that FinCEN, who wants to lower the money transfer limit, wants to take measures within the scope of illegal activities such as terrorism and money laundering.


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