Monday begins vaccination against COVID-19


After a long and difficult year, with thousands of deaths caused by the new coronavirus, Brazil begins this Monday, January 18, the national vaccination campaign against COVID-19.

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) yesterday approved the emergency use of two immunizers: Coronavac, tested in São Paulo by the Butantan Institute, and the Oxford vaccine, produced in partnership with the AstraZeneca laboratory. After that, the São Paulo government started its campaign applied the first dose of Coronavac to nurse Mônica Calazans, 54, who works in the ICU of the Instituto de Infectologia Emílio Ribas.

Now, after pressure from governors, the minister of health, Eduardo Pazuello, informed that the vaccination against the disease will start today in the whole country starting at 17h in the time of Brasília. According to Pazuello, this time was determined so that there was time for all states to receive the initial doses of Coronavac to immunize the population.

This morning, the government began distributing vaccines to all states. Of the 6 million doses, 4,636,936 will be distributed by the Federal Government and sent from the logistics distribution center of the Ministry of Health in Guarulhos – SP, to the other states. The other 1,357,640 will be distributed by the government of the State of São Paulo.

Previously, according to the national schedule, vaccination would start next Wednesday, January 20.

Coronavac national distribution

In all, six million doses of the immunizer produced by the Butantan Institute will be distributed in partnership with the Chinese laboratory Sinovac. Of that number, about 1.3 million will be in the state of São Paulo and the other doses have already started to be sent from the logistics distribution center of the Ministry of Health in Guarulhos to all of Brazil.

Check below how the immunization doses will be distributed by state throughout the country:

Acre – 13,840
Alagoas – 71,080
Amapá – 15,000
Amazonas – 69,880
Bahia – 319,520
Ceará – 186,720
Federal District – 105,960
Espírito Santo – 95,440
Goiás – 182,400
Maranhão – 123,040
Mato Grosso – 65,760
Mato Grosso do Sul – 61,760
Minas Gerais – 561,120
Pará – 124,560
Paraíba – 92,960
Paraná – 242,880
Pernambuco – 215,280
Piauí – 61,160
Rio de Janeiro – 487,520
Rio Grande do Norte – 82,440
Rio Grande do Sul – 311,680
Rondônia – 33,040
Roraima – 10,360
Santa Catarina – 126,560
Sao Paulo – 1,349,200
Sergipe – 48,360
Tocantins – 29,840


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