MOMOLAND JooE Net Worth 2023: An Idol Who Once Received a Salary of $ 50 Is Now a Millionaire


From an idol who received a salary of $50 after his debut, MOMOLAND JooE, who became a star with the hits “Bboom Bboom” and “BAAM”, became a millionaire.

How rich is the idol?

MOMOLAND JooE New Worth in 2023

As of January 2023, JooE’s net worth ranges from $300,000 to $3 million.

According to a source specializing in the equity of celebrities, idol earns from 500 to 600 thousand dollars, mainly due to the work of a singer, as well as through the support of his brand.

According to another source, JooE’s net profit this year reached 2/3 million dollars.

In particular, JooE debuted as MOMOLAND in 2016. She is much loved for her vibrant energy and image, which also attract the attention of several local brands.

During its heyday, JooE’s band was widely known for its viral hits, including “Bboom Bboom”, BAAM, “I’m So Hot” and others. once competed with BLACKPINK and TWICE.

In 2018, JooE even topped the brand’s reputation rating among female idols in February. This is a huge indicator of how popular JooE was in the late 2010s, since the brand reputation index determines the perception of the idol by customers, employees, partners and other people as a brand.

Around the same year, she was also chosen as the ambassador of the Korean cosmetics brand Baker7.

MOMOLAND Jui before becoming a Millionaire

However, the aforementioned achievements did not become an opportunity for Jui, which she easily grasped.

Since childhood, JooE has always dreamed of becoming a singer. Because of this, she was just a high school student when she started making four-hour round trips from Yangpyeong to Seoul to attend her dance and vocal academies.

In middle and high school, the “Ready or Not” singer was rejected for about 50 auditions until MLD Entertainment signed her to their agency.

After joining “Finding Momoland”, a show dedicated to the new female group MLD, Jui finally got into the final version and officially debuted in 2016.

The band became a huge hit two years later, and in between their debut days it was really hard for JooE.

In the last broadcast, she mentioned that due to tuition debts and balance, the group did not immediately receive a salary. It finally came to her when she volunteered at a local event and received $50 as her first paycheck. Apparently, this happened between 2016 and 2017.

But in 2018, the cash flow to JooE’s bank account finally became smooth thanks to the huge work in the group, not to mention her activities as a solo artist and a model for advertising.

In 2019, she was able to show filial respect by giving her parents a luxury BMW car. She also moved her parents from the countryside to a standard apartment in Ilsan.

On the other hand, JooE actively participated last year as a participant of JTBC “Second World” and took fourth place.


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