Momoland collaborates with Natti Natasha and will surprise with their comeback


Momoland has everything ready to return to the stage and they prepare many surprises for their fans, including a song in collaboration with the Latin singer Natti Natasha.

In 2016, Momoland debuted, a girl group that currently has six members, girls full of talent and skills that show with each song and performance, their idols have everything they need to shine and together they have managed to conquer many fans.

Through the years we have been able to enjoy various Momoland songs in their productions, in 2021 they delighted the entire public with their single ‘Wrap Me In Plastic’, revealing more of their styles and great capacities for singing and dancing.

Since then, the girls had stopped their activities as a group and Merry-go-round, name of the fandom of this girl group, was waiting impatiently for a comeback of their idols to enjoy their music and performances again.

But the wait is over, very soon Momoland will have its long-awaited return with new music and a very special collaboration with the Latin singer Natti Natasha.


A photograph has been revealed that includes the six members of Momoland posing with singer Natti Natasha, which is why we learned that the girl group will collaborate with this Latin singer on a song for her expected comeback.

According to the information, Natti participated in the production of her song and the MV that this collaboration with Momoland will have, so we only have to wait to know the result of this combination of talents.

We can’t wait to know what this Momoland and Natti Natasha collaboration will be like, it will surely delight the fans and give us a new style of music but without leaving K-Pop: 0.


Only the date of Momoland’s comeback has been provided, which will be next January 14, 2022, there is no album title, tracklist and it has not even gone on pre-sale, so everything will be a big surprise for the fans of the girl group.

There are a few days to go before we can get to know Momoland’s new songs in their long-awaited comeback and with a great and unexpected collaboration.

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