After the recent revelation of the two-year courtship of Momo de Twice and Heechul of Super Junior, Momo spoke for the first time, after the news, through a letter, in which he opens his heart and expresses his feelings.

At the beginning Momo greets her fans and thanks her for the time they have been with her, although it seems long, Momo thanks the road she has traveled with ONCE, the memories, the memories that fans create year after year.

I continue to say that 2020 wants it to be a year to give Eleven happiness and great moments, adding the communication he wants to increase over time.

Momo talked with ONCE about how surprised his fans could be at the news of his engagement with the Super Junior member, the idol, I doubt a lot about writing or not the letter, since she says that at one point she thought that keeping quiet was the best choice.

Momo Express:

I was very cautious, but I communicated a lot with you in the past, so I wanted to use my method of the letter, here I am.

Momo described how since childhood he had found his passion, dancing, singing, his enormous desire to be a celebrity, as in his TWICE group he has been able to fulfill his dream and meet his fans, Momo brought to light that cheats his managers to be able to turn on VLIVE and talk to ONCE.

To finish his letter Momo said:

I am working with that feeling inside me, honestly, it doesn’t feel like work and I just want to be closer to ONCE.

I loved it when I was live on V APP for 7 hours in a row almost to the point of getting tired of ONCE, I’m not trying to show off the amount of work I do.

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate them.


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