Moments when V shows his love for oversized looks


We know that BTS’s V looks good with any outfit, but the idol has a style that could be his favorite.

Often when we talk about hot stars in the K-Pop music industry, most of the time, we include the name of V from the band BTS, also known as Kim Tae-hyung.

He’s a dude and a stud in the true sense of the term and his hunk guy avatar makes him immensely popular with girls.

The most amazing thing about Taehyung is the fact that he dresses and lives the way he likes it and maybe he doesn’t give a damn about the perception of the outside world is the secret of a happy life.

Speaking of fashion standards, V has set her own fashion standards and that includes wearing oversized t-shirts on purpose, making it a fashion trend for fans.

On more than one occasion, we have seen the idol use oversized looks that, although anyone would think that they overshadow his spectacular physique, actually makes one of the best parts of V stand out, which is his face.

Wide shirts are one of the garments that TaeTae always looks very attractive with. It doesn’t matter if you pair it with dress pants or coats of the same size; V certainly knows how to be comfortable and look radiant.

BTS’s V falls in love with her beauty

One of the members who has always attracted attention for her beauty is V. The idol is usually one of the most sought after online, both by ARMY and by the rest of the public, who are impressed with the South Korean.

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In Somagnews we will inform you about the new release and the possible new styles that V will use in a few weeks. Do you think Taehyung will have more oversized outfits prepared? What is your favorite idol look?


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