Moments Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun killed us


Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun wowed us with their chemistry on and off the scenes of The King: Eternal Monarch, do you remember their most tender moments?

The recordings of The King: Eternal Monarch gave us very cute interactions between Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun .

Despite the fact that a few months have passed since the end of the K-Drama The King: Eternal Monarch , this production showed us a couple who became a favorite of many fans, all due to the tender moments they shared together.

Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun were in charge of the leading roles, but in addition to perfectly portraying their characters, they also showed a lovable and fun side thanks to the chemistry that exists between them.

The filming of this drama was full of fun for both of them, but showed that their connection went beyond the screen while promoting this production.

Such was the chemistry between these actors in the moments inside and outside the drama , that many rumors suggested that they could become a couple and start dating, but to date this has not been confirmed.

Either way, we remember some of the cutest moments and iconic scenes that Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun showed us during the K-drama preparations .

Secret dialogue

Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun filmed a scene where their characters have a conversation by writing on the palm of their hands, so that others around them do not find out what they are talking about, this scene and the way it was recorded was extremely tender , since in the preparations for the scene they did not stop laughing together.

Jenga Time

The cast of The King: Eternal Monarch played Jenga while revealing some trivia about K-Drama , although all five actors had a fun time, this clip also brought us many adorable moments from this actor duo , such as when Lee Min Ho pointed out that Kim Go Eun was playing badly but it turned out that he was the one with the wrong idea of ​​the rules of the game and they both started laughing.

Official boyfriend

The King: Eternal Monarch gave us unique scenes , one that became memorable was when Tae Eul finds her father having breakfast with Lee Gon , his father tells him that his face looks as resplendent as if he had a boyfriend , so she decides confess she’s dating Lee Gon taking both of them by surprise.

Press conference

Another event that took place to promote the drama of The King: Eternal Monarch , was a press conference where the main actors were present. Questions to the leading couple came repeatedly, but when asked about working together, the two continued to laugh and exchange looks adorably .

Laughter behind the scenes

Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun had iconic scenes , but what we loved the most was their behind-the-scenes interaction . This duo always found something to joke with and steal laughter from the other, so watching them prepare for their scenes was extremely funny and cute .


The scene where Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun’s characters enter the camera room represented a funny moment as they both try to interpret each other’s actions, but everything changes to a romantic moment when they share a tender kiss.


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