Moments from the 90-day groom: happily ever after? Fans say they were written according to the script


TLC Reality show 90-day Groom: Happily ever After? he was criticized by fans for the script and fake relationships. The series was broadcast for six seasons and tells about couples who live their lives together after their wedding. While some couples from the show are still strong, some never lived happily ever after.

Since 2014, the 90-day-old groom has become a phenomenon in the world of reality TV. The show not only created more than ten spin-offs on TLC and Discovery+, but also became an obsession for viewers. Despite the love he receives from fans, “90 Day Fiancé” is often criticized for fake scenes.

The most recent seasons of “Happily Ever After”? were not well received by fans of the franchise. Many viewers suspect that most of the scenes are staged. In fact, the number of alleged fake scenes caused some fans to completely abandon the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Here are a few moments from the 90-day groom: Happily ever after? which, according to fans, were written according to the script.

Natalie, nose surgery

Happily ever after? The sixth season told about the stormy relationship between Natalie Mordovtsova and her ex-husband Mike Youngquist. Many fans noted that 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Episode 11, where Natalie will have surgery on her nose. During the episode, it turns out that she went to the hospital without her husband. Mike is worried and is taken to the hospital, where he finds his truck in the parking lot. During the scene, Natalie apparently parked incorrectly by turning the front wheel. Mike leaves to teach Natalie a lesson, but he decides to come back and somehow parks the truck in the same parking spot, with the front wheel in the same position that Natalie supposedly left it in. This observation led many fans to believe that the scene was most likely staged.

Pothasts’ birthday

Many viewers criticized the Potthust family for their seemingly fake storylines. Groom for 90 days: happily ever after? In season 6, Libby Pothast and Andrei Kastrave organized a birthday party for their daughter Eleanor. The party turned into an explosive fight between Andrei and Libby’s siblings. However, fans are convinced that the fight was staged, because they found evidence that Libby and Andrei organized two birthday parties for Eleanor, one of which was behind the scenes. Reddit user GoForthandProsper1 said: “So they had two different parties? One is normal, and the other is for the cameras where they fought? They really want to get a spin-off.” In fact, many viewers are convinced that the family is staging a drama to get their own additional income.

Kalani and Azuelu are hunting for a house

Many fans believe that Kalani Fagaata and Azuelu Pulaa are hunting for a house in the movie “90-day groom: Happily ever After?” the script was written. Their marriage turned into a roller coaster, and recently there were rumors of a divorce. However, during “Happily Ever After?” in season 6, the couple wanted to buy a house. According to Kalani, the purpose of the new house is to give Azuel more space and help revive their marriage. Fans found their storyline inconsistent and fake. Reddit user Byegrrlbie commented: “Kalani is not stupid enough to really believe that the 362K house will force Azuela to act correctly and save her marriage. Fake, fake, fake, and these people aren’t good enough actors to pull it off.” I think the 90-day groom: happily ever after? disappointed fans, as most of the scenes were obviously scripted.