Moment introduces iPhone 12 magnet accessories


Moment announced its first products to work with MagSafe, the new magnetic accessory system introduced with Apple’s 2020 model iPhones. The lineup includes cases and a wide variety of accessories that allow you to attach various accessories to the iPhone 12, turning the iPhone 12 into different things.

Moment’s products do not carry Apple’s “Made for iPhone” brand. However, the company says it has designed a array of magnets called “(M) Force”, which provides extra power. Of course, magnets aren’t exclusive to a particular company, so anyone can design products that can physically connect to the iPhone 12.

moment iphone 12 aksesuarları

Moment’s iPhone 12 compatible accessories

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro compatible accessories announced by Moment are listed as follows:

  • Cases: Moment has released new versions of both slim and durable cases that contain MagSafe compatible magnets and work with Qi wireless charging. In addition, the cases have wrist strap loops and slots for Moment’s camera lens attachments. Prices abroad are 49.99 dollars.
  • Tripod mount: These tripod fasteners use Force magnets of Moment (M). So you can attach your phone even if it is in the bag, without the need for a separate clamp. It works in both portrait and landscape mode. The Pro Tripod Mount also includes an extra slot to attach other accessories such as microphones or lights. Their prices are set at $ 39.99 and $ 49.99.
  • Multi-threaded housing: This plate-shaped housing includes two 3/8 inch female threads and three 1/4 -20 female threads for attaching ball heads, tripods or anything compatible. Works with or without a phone case. The overseas price is $ 29.99.
  • Cold-shoe mount: This is a simple mount that adds a cold-shoe mount to your iPhone. The sleeve is adjustable for different holster and phone sizes. The overseas price is $ 29.99.
  • Car air conditioner connection slot: This connection slot plugs into the ventilation holes in your car. So you can easily attach your phone to your car magnetically without a handle or clamp. The overseas price is $ 29.99.
  • Wall mounting apparatus: The wall mounting apparatus works similar to the car air conditioner connection socket. There is no need for magnetic connection equipment attached to the back of the phone. Moment says it’s “super thin” and can stick to “almost anything that’s flat”. There is also a hole in the middle so that it can be attached to the walls with a screw.

moment iphone 12 aksesuarları


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