Moment has finished developing the Pro Camera app for Android


Moment has informed its users that it has ended developing the Moment Pro Camera app for Android. Barros, the co-founder of the company, said the reason for the decision was not phone Android, but phone manufacturers.

Moment has informed its users that it will no longer continue to develop the Moment Pro Camera app for Android. The application did not require the use of Moment lenses, but it provided additional control to serious photographers. Moment showed the difficulty of making the application compatible between different Android versions of phone makers as the reason for the application to be stopped.

One of the founders of Momentin, Marc Barros, said they love Android but they don’t have enough engineering team width to continue developing the app. Barros says each phone maker has his own Android taste, and each has different numbers of access to select camera features. Therefore, Barros noted that each phone model has a different list of features and compatibility, underlining that the problem gets worse with every new Android version.

Application for iOS will continue
Stating that iOS has standardized access to camera features, Barros emphasized that the iOS version of the Pro Camera application is guaranteed to operate between devices. However, the same is not true for different Android versions. Arguing that developers’ access to camera features is not stable, Barros points out that they have to deal with compatibility issues rather than developing new features.

It is stated that Moment Pro Camera will continue to remain on the Play Store and be sold for $ 3.99. Again, Moment lenses will continue to be used with Android devices, but Moment will not update the Pro Camera app to work with these devices as new versions of Android and new phones are released.

Moment is one of the largest companies producing custom lens attachments for smartphones. Moment Pro Camera is especially popular among users with the company’s anamorphic lenses. Moment lenses are also compatible with other camera programs. Moment recommended Android users to switch to the $ 15 Filmic Pro app, but the app doesn’t seem to support the company’s anamorphic lenses for now.


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