Mom “ruins” Disney Star Wars experience by shoving Chewbacca…


A mom goes viral on TikTok after she was caught “pushing” character actor Chewbacca, prompting viewers to slam her for “ruining” the childhood experience at Disneyland’s “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.”

Disneyland is hailed as “The happiest place on Earth,” but certainly not because of one unlucky character actor who was pushed by a park visitor during a performance.

TikToker “nightmarish adventures” enjoyed a stay at Disneyland “Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy”, a part of the park dedicated to the Jedi, Sith lords and everything related to “Star Wars”.

They filmed the performance of character actors for Rey and Chewbacca. The skit seemed to involve children visiting the park, but the moment was “ruined” when mom pushed Chewbacca as if to scare him before quickly leaving the stage.

Soon after, the moment ended when actress Rey left the neighborhood with Chewbacca because of her mother’s “fright.”

“Because of this, we can’t…. It was so nice to see you all!” said Rey before she and Chewbacca left.

Fans are outraged that a mother pushed Chewbacca during a performance

at Disneyland “When an adult spoils the impressions of children because she thought she was joking!” TikToker signed her video. “The poor kids were standing in confusion when Ray and Chewie left.”

Commentators also speak out against the woman and urge park staff to ban her because of the incident.

“There should be a lifetime ban for touching actors,” one user said.

“After that, I have a strong second—hand embarrassment,” another commented.

This situation follows Disneyland restoring the interaction between park visitors and character actors, allowing hugs and photos again after a global health situation.

This is just the latest viral moment that is storming TikTok at Disneyland after a park employee shamefully interrupted a guy’s marriage proposal in the summer.


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