Mom Mayim Bialik thinks a lot about the outfits she chooses for danger


Since joining Jeopardy! as a presenter after the death of Alex Trebek, Mayim Bialik spoke about the attention that viewers pay to her wardrobe choice. Trebek’s dark suits, as well as the outfits of her co-host Ken Jennings, for that matter, don’t vary as much as her own clothes from day to day, so these discussions are feedback that her male colleagues haven’t had to deal with. However, apparently, it’s not just fans who are talking about what the Big Bang Theory graduate is wearing, as the game show host said her own mother thinks a lot about it too.

The “Call Me Kat” star was originally hired by the producers as the host of the show’s tournaments and spin-offs in prime time. However, after some drama related to the search for a replacement for Alex Trebek, Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings were appointed co-hosts of the daytime program ahead of its current season. Bialik told James Corden on The Late Late Show that her mother started watching the show to support her daughter in the best way she knew, saying:

Finding fault with clothes is SUCH a mother’s business, and, apparently, this is something that does not go away! Perhaps that’s why Mayim Bialik is so sensitive to the assessments of online critics of her wardrobe? Now everything is starting to make sense! What’s especially fun is the amount of time that passes between when the host shoots an episode of Jeopardy! and when it goes on the air, the host can’t do anything with items that are considered far from perfect.

Mayim Bialik has received a lot of feedback since taking on the Herculean task of following in Alex Trebek’s footsteps, with some suggestions being more constructive than others. The producers gave Bialik a “great comment” about her tone, confirming the participant’s correct answer, and the EP Michael Davis helped her make adjustments to her intro, which served the authenticity of Jeopardy!.

On the other hand, she received some openly unpleasant comments from fans about her appearance, and the fandom of the show did not strike blows, letting her know that they thought of her, using the phrase “The only danger!” for the first round of the game, and not just “Danger!”

While Ken Jennings will host the first part of the 39th season, Mayim Bialik will take over in January 2023 after the holiday break. She can currently be seen hosting Celebrity Jeopardy! — with a new wild game format that airs at 20:00 Korean time. Sunday Eastern European time on ABC. Be sure to check out our TV program for 2022 to keep up to date with all upcoming TV and streaming premieres.


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