Mom Called The Theme Park After an Employee Left Her Baby Alone on a Trip


A mother has gone viral on TikTok for scaring a theme park employee after he left her little daughter alone on a trip.

Molly Carroll (mollycaroll603) posted a video that tells about the seemingly unsafe actions of an employee and about the attraction itself in the theme park.

The 50-second clip begins with an animated arrow pointing at a man in a red and white jacket at the top of a dinosaur riding pad.

The top of the dinosaur’s seat seemed to be about eight feet off the ground and represented the concrete floor of the event center.

“Do you see this worker? Yesterday we went to Jurassic Quest and this worker left my daughter on a moving dinosaur,” Molly wrote in a text overlay.

“He went outside and didn’t come back. My fiance had to figure out how to turn off the dinosaur and take it off. See how he’s gone? This is my sister and niece with their daughter to make sure she doesn’t fall.”


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She then zoomed in through the window outside, where a man in a red and white jacket was seen strolling. “It’s him outside,” Molly wrote.

“When I told the management what their employee had done, she said: “We hire temporary employees, they do it all the time, we are very sorry.”

In the comments, TikTok users were shocked by the lack of safety precautions during the trip.

“It’s so high. These railings are not solid, and there are no gaskets or anything else under them,” one user wrote.

“Tbh, I would be more concerned about the height from the ground without restrictions, even if it had steps, it’s still a long way down,” another added.

“I was thinking of taking my 2-year—old there, but yes, it doesn’t matter,” another added.

In a subsequent video, Molly said that Jurassic Quest had approached her with an apology and fully refunded her money.


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