Mom 8×18: All About The Final Episode of the Comedy Series


Mom: Last Thursday (13), the audience said goodbye to the characters of the series Mom, shown by CBS since 2013. The production was created by Chuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky and Gemma Baker (who has served as a showrunner for the past few seasons).

Bonnie (Allison Janney), Jill (Jaime Pressly), Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy), Wendy (Beth Hall) and Tammy (Kristen Johnston) ended their trajectories with the title “My Kinda People and the Big To-Do” People and What is Important to Do, in a free translation).

So, check out all the details of the end of season 8 and the series as a whole with our recap!

Mom: Bonnie and the other characters in the series bid farewell

The final episode started at an AA meeting, at which several people gave their testimonies about their own processes. Newcomer Shannon (Melanie Lynskey) remains reluctant, prompting Bonnie to take some initiative to get to know her better. The character then invites her to reunite with her friends, even if grudgingly.

Shannon feels that they have nothing in common with her, but Bonnie and the others try to show her that she is not alone in her struggles. Before going home, Bonnie tells Shannon to call her whenever she wants to have fun.

Upon arriving home, Bonnie worries about her husband, Adam (William Fichtner) and tries to ask Marjorie for some advice. Parallel to this, Shannon and Jill are trying to communicate, with the latter warning that she and Andy (Will Sass) have decided to get married the next day and would like to see her at the ceremony.

Bonnie then needs to decide what to do, since she has an appointment with her husband, and Shannon needs help. That way, the next day, Adam has his appointment postponed and they can go to the wedding. However, upon arriving at the scene, they encounter Shannon and her friend Jolene (Rondi Reed), as the two were in some legal trouble.

With Andy’s help, everything is resolved and the wedding takes place in an exciting way. A few days later, they all attend a new meeting and Bonnie receives support because of Adam’s medical condition.

Bonnie then gets up to talk about her own journey, revealing that she had never understood what a “thankful alcoholic” was until that moment, because she really is happy and loves herself, making a speech about her acceptance.

The character is very emotional when she remembers Christy (Anna Faris), who, unfortunately, did not participate in the end of Mom. The departure of the actress occurred at the end of the 7th season of the series, leaving the closure restricted to Bonnie’s conflicts.

Thus, the production of CBS said goodbye to the public, who used social networks to enact their impressions about the ending.

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