MoistCr1tikal Toasted Logan Paul and Mike Milk in Response to the Coffeezilla CryptoZoo Drama


Twitch star Charlie White, better known as MoistCr1tikal, grilled Logan Paul and Impaulsive podcast co-host Mike Mailak for their reaction to the CryptoZoo drama after a series of videos filmed by Internet sleuth Coffeezilla.

In the last days of 2022 and in 2023, Coffezilla and Logan Paul were involved in disputes. Coffee exposed the “fraud” with the CryptoZoo blockchain led by Logan Paul, allowing the “victims” of the project to express their discontent and thoughts about the situation.

Since then, Paul’s older brother has threatened legal action against Coffeezilla in his response, and he, along with friends George Janko and Mike Mailak, raised the issue on his Impaulsive podcast.

During the broadcast, Moistcr1tikal decided to react to an episode of the podcast and hear what Logan said, but it didn’t take him long to start mocking Logan and Mike.

“So it wasn’t part of the milking, but it was awkward,” he said. “Jesus Christ, Mike. “Logan, when we were in Qatar, in this spa, surrounded by topless women, drinking expensive champagne, I looked around. You looked at your phone.

“Coffeezilla made a video about you, and it was about CryptoZoo, and I saw the windows of your soul. Your heart is broken, Logan.

Moist then mockingly suggested that Mike had played Logan, “like a good friend.”

Clearly, Charlie didn’t believe Mike’s story and struggled to sympathize with him or Logan as it unfolded.

Needless to say, this isn’t the last we hear about this CryptoZoo drama, and with some of Twitch’s top stars like Ludwig and Hasan weighing in, people aren’t going to just let it go.


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