MoistCr1tikal Is Upset That He Accidentally Fried an Entire Lobby of Children


The streamer MoistCr1tikal had an “awkward” moment when he was playing a racing game aimed at a younger audience. It turned out that the game uses the “open microphone” setting by default, which means that Cr1itikal spent a good minute potentially scolding children.

MoistCr1tikal, also known as Charlie White, is known for diving into various niche games with a shrinking or predominantly young player base to shake up its “diverse streams”.

He was recommended one of such recent releases, KartRider: Drift, a cross-platform racing game.

Due to the fact that the game is free, available for mobile devices and has such a cute aesthetic, it’s not hard to imagine that many young people like it.

During the game, he jokingly chatted with his opponents, as he often does, for meaningful purposes. He had no idea that the insults were heard not only by his stream, but also by the entire lobby, since he was in the “open microphone” settings. Everything that was happening was quickly cut off.

MoistCr1tikal’s reaction to a possible insult to children through a microphone

Charlie initially denied it, as it was heard in the clip: “I very much doubt it’s an open mic, if it was an open mic, I would definitely hear these kids yelling “goo goo gaa gaa-ing.” Without a shot.”

But soon he noticed that his microphone icon was reacting to his voice in the game. “My God, this is fucking embarrassing, I’m so sorry, kids, damn it,” Charlie said, noticing that he was broadcasting his voice to the whole hall.

Many reactions to the Reddit thread that featured this clip showed how confusing this design choice is in a game designed for children.

“The default open mic is such a bad design, lol,” one user commented. Before the other is added: “In the case of a game intended for children, it may also be illegal (in certain jurisdictions).”

Despite this, many Moist viewers found it all funny, even if the streamer himself was somewhat upset that he accidentally fried the whole lobby.


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