Modifier adds common keyboard buttons on PS4 controller


PS4 controller: Gamer-modified controllers abound out there, but perhaps few have followed the same path as the project by a Reddit user known as Styroor: a PlayStation 4 controller that replaces the rear buttons with conventional keyboard keys.

“I’ve always wanted a control with mechanical buttons and I just didn’t want to wait until an official release of my vision of perfect control. A lot of the controls make you move your fingers into a position that’s not very natural to press the back buttons/triggers and no matter which control you buy, it’s always going to be buttons in the end, you know? And yes, mechanical buttons are easier to press, but that only works when you do it directly, it sounds more comfortable and the response is faster,” explained the modifier to the Kotaku website.

In the end, the modifier in question reached the result that you can check in the video that follows:

Dualshock 4 w/ Mechanical Switches from SteamController

So, what did you think of the result? Leave your opinion in the space below for comments.


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