Modest Pack: Win 11 Daedalic games


The company that specializes in graphic adventures also publishes video games from other developers. In a summer as particular as the one that is being lived in this 2020, at least there will be plenty of offers and free games.

Far Cry 5 is available on PlayStation 4 for less than 10 euros, as is its season pass. But if you are a PC user, you will be interested to know that Humble Bundle and Daedalic Entertainment have teamed up to offer a pack with their titles. From less than 1 euro you can get works like The Night of the Rabbit or A Year of Rain, while paying a little more recent titles like The Pillars of Earth or State of Mind are offered.

The particularity of the Humble Bundle is that a percentage of sales is destined for charitable actions, so the client himself has the opportunity to choose the percentages. You are also given the ability to select a higher price to donate a larger amount of money.

Set 1, pay 0.87 euros and unlock:

The Night of the Rabbit
A Year Of Rain

Set 2, pay more than the € 7.07 average to also unlock the following:

All of the above and:

State of mind
The Great Perhaps
AER Memories of Old

Set 3, pay € 13.12 or more to unlock or next:

All of the above and:

Iratus: Lord of the Dead
The Suicide of Rachel Foster
Iron Danger
Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth

Daedalic Entertainment is currently working on The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, a narrative adventure based on the literary saga of J.R.R. Tolkien. Its launch is planned for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC. Although no official trailer has yet been released, the German studio has shared the first screenshots, which you can see at this link. This product will not be licensed by the Peter Jackson Cinematic Universe; Nor will it follow Amazon series guidelines.


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