Moderna says its vaccine is also more than 90% effective


After Pfizer published a study revealing an efficiency above 90% of its vaccine against Covid-19, Moderna opens the week with more good news so that the world can return to normal in the future.

The pharmaceutical company announced a preliminary study, not yet published in renowned journals with Nature, that its vaccine – also in phase 3 testing – achieved 94.5% efficiency in a new restricted test.

Administered in two doses, with an interval of 28 days, the solution was tested in a group of 15 thousand volunteers. Another 15,000 received placebo without their knowledge.

Over the months, 90 volunteers who received the placebo developed the severe form of Covid-19, while in the vaccinated group the number was only 5. According to Moderna, this guarantees an immunizing action of 94.5% efficiency.

With this new study, which lacks other validations, the pharmaceutical company will seek to approve its vaccine in the United States with the FDA, Food And Drug Administration, a kind of North American Anvisa.

The good news is that even if other studies on a larger scale end up showing a lower efficiency of the vaccine, several health agencies worldwide reinforce that an efficacy above 50% will already help countries to develop vaccination schedules that will make infection of the new vaccine more difficult. coronavirus in populations.

It is worth remembering that recently studies involving CoronaVac were interrupted in Brazil after a serious adverse event, but research was quickly resumed when it was proven that the event was not related to the Chinese vaccine.


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