“Modern Warfare 2” — the best attachments and equipment Expedite 12


Here’s how to turn the Expedite 12 into the best melee weapon in Modern Warfare 2.

Today (November 4), Modern Warfare 2 has been out for a week, and while players are still trying to develop the best weapons for shooters, some weapons have become particularly dominant in their fields — including the Expedite 12 shotgun, incredibly powerful for clearing rooms from enemies.

Although the Expedite 12 is one of the first guns you’re given, it stands out as one of Modern Warfare 2’s best melee weapons. However, it takes some time to unlock the full potential of the Expedite 12 with the right attachments and gear.

Here is the best equipment of Modern Warfare 2 Expedite 12, including equipment and accessories that are best used with a shotgun.

“Modern Warfare 2” — the best Expedite 12 attachments

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Provided by: Infinity Ward.

To get started, here are the best Expedite 12 nozzles to use in Modern Warfare 2:

Muzzle: SA Schweigen DX
Stock: FSS frame stock
Under the barrel: VX Pineapple
Ammunition: Dragon’s Breath 12 gauge

Because the Expedite 12 is designed to excel in close-range shootouts, you don’t have to worry about optics or aiming speed when using the attachments. Instead, the purpose of these attachments is to increase the damage, accuracy and recoil control of the weapon — everything that comes in handy when you shoot from the hip at the nearest target.

The best equipment Expedite 12

The Expedite 12 is a phenomenal weapon, but due to its weakness at medium and long range, this weapon should be properly supported by the rest of your gear. A great option for balanced gear is to use the Overkill perk to pick up a long—range rifle as an additional weapon, but for those who want to specialize in roaming with a shotgun, here’s the best gear for Expedite 12 in Modern Warfare 2. .

Secondary: 0.50 GS
Tactics: Stun grenade
Deadly: drill-charge
Perk 1: Battle-Hardened
Perk 2: Pathfinder
Bonus Ability: Hard Line
Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix
Field Update: Battle Rage, DDOS

This loading consists in moving quickly around the map and shooting players. Battle Hardened and Drill Charge ensure that you don’t get bogged down in campers as well.The 50 GS gives you some space to shoot from a distance if needed. In combination with Tracker helping you find players, Hardline should help you complete a series of kills as quickly as possible — this means that once you gain momentum with Expedite 12, it will be difficult for the enemy team to stop you.

This is the best equipment for Expedite 12 in Modern Warfare 2, but to create a comprehensive set of equipment for any map, here is a list of levels for the best weapons in Modern Warfare 2.



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