“Modern Warfare 2” — the best attachments and equipment EBR-14


EBR-14 is an effective weapon at medium and long distances — here’s how to get the most out of it

In Modern Warfare 2, there are many options for players who prefer to hit targets from afar. Although not every map is designed for long-range sniper shooting, the EBR—14 is a great option for most matches because it is incredibly versatile for medium-range shootouts.

The EBR-14 is the first sniper rifle unlocked in Modern Warfare 2, and it’s perfect for non-respawn modes like Prisoner Rescue or Search and Destroy. At the same time, spending a little time unlocking the EBR-14 attachments turns out to be very useful, since it can be optimized into a powerful weapon with incredible stopping power at medium and long distances.

Here is the best EBR-14 kit, which includes the perks, kit and accessories that are best suited for this rifle.

Modern Warfare 2 best EBR-14 attachments

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Provided by: Infinity Ward.

Before we get to the optimal rifle equipment, here are the best EBR-14 attachments to use in Modern Warfare 2.

Muzzle: Castovia DX90
Under-barrel part: demonstration handle IMP-44
Ammunition: 7.62 Hollowpoint
Rear handle: Cronen EM55 Grip
Optics: Cronen Zero-P Optic
With these devices, we optimize the damage and accuracy of the EBR-14, as well as increase its range and recoil control. Combined with a 5x optical sight, the EBR-14 effectively kills enemies at any distance and can often kill an opponent with just one or two shots. For long-range shots, Hollowpoint ammunition means that if the first shot doesn’t kill your target, the crippling effect means you have extra time to land a second before they take cover.

Best EBR-14 Download

Although the EBR-14 is incredibly versatile, it does fight targets at close range. While the goal is to make sure that such a situation never happens, it can’t always be avoided — that’s where your download comes into play. To cover all your bases and be a killing machine in any match, here’s the best gear for EBR-14 in Modern Warfare 2.

Secondary: Accelerate 12
Tactics: Stun grenade
Deadly: Claymore
Perk 1: Overkill
Perk 2: Pathfinder
Bonus Ability: Composure
Ultimate Perk: High alert
Field Update: Ammo Crate, trophy system
The key part in this gear is the Overkill. With the Expedite 12 shotgun at hand, you will be able to remain effective at almost any distance and will have no problems moving until you find yourself in a convenient position for snipers. With Claymore, Cold-Blooded and both field upgrades, you’ll be ready to camp for a long time and score kills.

To learn more about how to increase your chances of dominating Modern Warfare 2 matches, here is a list of the levels of each weapon in the game.


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