Modern Warfare 2 Secure Codes for El Sin Nombre and Alone


Modern Warfare 2 safes are hidden on two main campaign levels. Each of them contains useful items that will help you progress and can really be an advantage when you play at higher difficulty levels. You need to open three safes, each of which requires a code that can be found somewhere else on the map.

Every safe you open has powerful weapons and a few useful items that will help you if you are fighting the stealthy antics of El Sin Nombre or Alone, this should give you an advantage. In addition, the first safe Alone contains a desert eagle with a silencer, which is ideal for a subsequent shootout. This is a real salvation.

To open these safes, you often need to look at the world around the safe, and the answer is always there. We went through two levels with safes: El Sin Nombre and Alone to work out the codes of the safes so that you don’t need it. Safe places, codes and how we solved them are listed below:

Codes of Modern Warfare 2 safes

In total, there are three safes in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign. One is in the mission El Sin Nombre, the other two are in the mission Alone. Here are the secure codes at a glance:

  • El Sin Nombre safe code: 02-02-19
  • Alone safe code 1: 10-10-80
  • Alone safe code 2: 37-60-80

El Sin Nombre safe code

The El Sin Nombre safe is located in Diego’s room. You can find the code by looking at the portrait in the same room. Date code, 02-02-19. The safe contains armored armor and a Lockwood 300 with a silencer.

Some secure codes

There are two different safes in the mission Alone. Watch out for the first one right after you open the door that the dying person knocked on. Go past him and to the left, and there will be a door that you need to open with a blade. The safe is inside, and the code can be found by the scrawl “40 years” on the calendar next to the door. Code 10-10-80. The rewards are a throwing knife and a pistol .50 GS.

Alone’s second safe is located much later in the mission. Later you will enter the garage and you will be able to find the code in the workshop by looking at the computer. This code is 37-60-80. You will find a throwing knife and a crossbow.

These are the only safes in the entire game, and unlocking them will trigger the achievement/trophy “Gentleman Thief”. To learn more about Modern Warfare 2, be sure to check out our guide on how long it takes to complete a campaign. And also our look at the best weapons available in the multiplayer game Modern Warfare 2.

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