Modern RAMs Still Vulnerable to Rowhammer Attacks


A study revealed that RAMs produced in the last 6 years for computers and smartphones are vulnerable to Rowhammer attacks. Researchers have informed manufacturers against vulnerabilities.

A new study has revealed that RAMs used in computers and smartphones are still vulnerable to Rowhammer attacks despite the measures taken by manufacturers over the past six years. The manufacturers’ measures include software and hardware fixes added to the design of the RAMs, but apparently the measures are still inadequate.

In today’s modern RAMs, instantaneous data is stored in memory cells every time data in your computer’s memory is processed. Each of these memory cells is located in grid-like structures at the bottom of the card. However, this design also increases the possibility of electrical interference between memory cells.

DDR3 and DDR4 affect RAMs
Rowhammer attack performs very fast read / write operations on a memory, resulting in electrical interference. Data stored in RAM can be corrupted or changed after the attack. So Rowhammer can be used to change or steal data on computers.

Research has shown how the Rowhammer attack can replace data stored on DDR3 and DDR4 memory cards. The research team tested 43 DIMMs (Dual Inline Memory Modules) and revealed that 13 DIMMs from three major DRAM vendors (Samsung, Hynix and Micron) were vulnerable to Rowhammer attacks.

Smartphones are also in danger
Researchers revealed that LPDDR4 RAMs on smartphones are also affected by RowHammer attacks. In the tests, as you can see above, Rowhammer attacks were made against LPDDR4 memory cards used in Google, LG, OnePlus and Samsung smartphones.

Experts have organized a Rowhammer attack on webs, GPU cards, network packs, storage, mobile apps, and even Microsoft Edge browser to these RAMs used on smartphones and computers. The report stated that it would take a long time to close these vulnerabilities.

The research team, consisting of academics from ETH Zurich and Vrije University in Amsterdam, stated that they have informed all manufacturers affected by the attacks.


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