Modern Family Sarah Hyland has finally accepted a bachelorette party after waiting so long for Wells Adams’ wedding, and there are many photos


It looks like the wedding took place officially! Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are ready to tie the knot, as the bride-to-be celebrated a bridal shower over the weekend, and after several delays related to COVID, you better believe her team was at the party. The Modern Family actress shared many photos from the event, which was attended by many of her friends, who seemed to enjoy drinks and laughter in a magnificent outdoor space.

The charming couple started dating in 2017, when the bartender of “Bachelor in Paradise” slipped into the private messages of Sarah Hyland (Hyland is a famous superfan of “Bachelor Nation”). After proposing in 2019, they initially set a wedding date for August 2020, which was ruined by the pandemic — as were their plans for the summer of 2021. When the couple celebrated the new year, they announced that 2022 would finally be their time to say, “Yes.”

Sarah Hyland showed off her engagement ring in a gorgeous white dress on a picturesque background. She seemed thrilled to finally get to the bridal shower stage, and understandably so, after she and Wells Adams wondered from time to time if they would ever be able to celebrate with loved ones. The actress previously admitted that although she wouldn’t mind just running away, it was important for her fiance that their friends and family were present. How cute!

Wells Adams attended the bachelorette party, apparently appearing with a beautiful bouquet for his future wife. Adams turned out to be very romantic. Before proposing to Sarah Hyland, he not only asked for the blessing of both her parents, but also asked her on-screen parents from “Modern Family”, Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell. It was such a sweet gesture, as the ABC sitcom was a big part of Highland’s life, which aired for 11 years when she was still a teenager.

When it became clear in August 2020 that they would not be able to get married as originally planned, the couple celebrated their supposed anniversary with a romantic and silly photo shoot. They are known for being quite stupid, but as it turned out, they also have strange specific memories, which Wells Adams proved during the bachelorette party in the issue of The Newlyweds’ Game, when he remembered not only the date and place of their first kiss, but also the color. their car and the name of their driver.

Among those present were Justin Mikita, the husband of Sarah Hyland’s uncle from “Modern Family” Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and longtime friend Vanessa Hudgens, whose busy weekend also included hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards 2022. Hudgens told ET that she was excited about celebrating the happy couple:

Oh my God, I’m so emotional about this. I’ve known her for so long and we’ve been waiting for this wedding for so long, and then Covid happened and we couldn’t, but it’s so exciting. She looked so beautiful. I’m melting, I’m just melting.

I am so glad that Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams have finally waited for the long-awaited wedding day. We hope that we will see great photos from this novel, as they deserve to give their all! In the meantime, we’re also waiting for the future husband and wife’s next professional moves, as it looks like Hyland is heading to streaming for a permanent series role in the upcoming show “Perfect Voice,” and Adams will hopefully be at the bar again when “Bachelor in Paradise” returns to ABC this fall. Find out which other shows will premiere in the near future in our TV program for 2022.