Models that will receive realme UI 2.0 Update Announced


China-based smartphone maker realme is starting to release Android 11-based user interface realme UI 2.0 for many devices. Among the devices that will receive the update, there are also budget-friendly models.

Smartphone maker realme, a subsidiary of BBK Electronics, has accelerated the realme UI 2.0 update for many phones. The company is sending the new update to both its budget-friendly phones, mid-segment phones and flagship phones.

Although many realme devices will receive Android 11 based realme UI 2 update, some devices may receive this update later than others. Here, we can say that the upper segment models will receive updates earlier.

Features to come with realme UI 2.0

realme UI 2.0 includes many features. One of them is sharing music simultaneously. With this feature, music can be shared with both wired and wireless headphones at the same time. In addition, the customizable notification panel and the improved dark theme are among the features that the company will offer to its users with its new user interface.

In addition to these, the advanced customizable AoD (Always-on-Display) feature is among the features waiting for the users. Apart from these, there are many large and small features.

Models that will receive realme UI 2.0 update

realme c series

realme C3
realme C3i
realme C11
realme C15
realme C12
realme C17

realme v series

realme v5
realme v3

realme narzo series

realme narzo 10
realme narzo 10A
realme narzo 20
realme narzo 20A
realme narzo 20A Pro
realme x series
relame X50 Pro 5G
realme X50 5G
realme X2 Pro
realme X2 (730G)
realme XT
realme X
realme X3

realme X3 Super Zoom

realme X7
realme X7 Pro
realme X50m
realme X50 Pro Player
other realme models
realme 5 Pro, realme Q
realme 3 Pro

realme X Youth Edition

realme 6
realme 6s
realme 6 Pro
realme 6i
realme 7i
realme 7
realme 7 Pro


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