Model Nina Agdal meets Ben Kaplan after Jack Brinkley and Cook Breakup: She’s “Super Happy”


“They are definitely together,” a source exclusively tells us about the model, 30 years old, and that you are a meme? the founder, noting that they were recently spotted at Los Angeles Airport earlier this month. “All this time they were holding hands. His hand was on her lower back. She seemed very happy.”

The insider adds that the couple’s romance is still “relatively new.”

Although the duo has not publicly stated their promising relationship, Kaplan is a successful businessman in his own right, having launched the popular card game What Do You Meme? in 2016.

“Each of us has a role to play in the company, which I think makes us really effective,” Kaplan told ABC News in September 2016. “Therefore, Elliot [Tebele] takes care of all decisions regarding content, and Ellie [Ballas] takes care of everything that requires being really smart. He graduated from Stanford with a specialization in symbolic systems, which seems to be the most difficult specialty in the world, and then all the simple things I do, so together we each have our own role.”

The Danish-born woman’s relationship with Kaplan began less than five months after she and Christie Brinkley’s 26-year-old son separated.

Earlier, we confirmed that Agdal and the founder of Rove, with whom she has been dating since 2017, broke up in November 2021 after four years of living together.

“Everything is fine,” the founder of Agdal Method told us about their romance in September 2019. “Oh, my God, well, we’re not perfect. There is no perfect relationship, but I think we just have a very sincere love for each other, and we support each other, we respect each other and we just love you each other!”

Agdal and Brinkley Cook first sparked relationship rumors in July 2017 amid her breakup with Leonardo DiCaprio. The 47-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and Oscar winner dated for almost a year until they announced their retirement in May 2017.

Although Agdal is relatively reserved about her personal life, she knows exactly what she is looking for in a potential partner.

“If we have the same humor, we will definitely get along and you will have a place in my heart,” she told W magazine in November 2016. “[Because] I love people who can laugh in good situations, bad situations, and I just love weirdness. I’m ready to accept it!”

She continued, “I think it all comes down to a solid, kind, smart, funny and happy man, because if you have it all, that’s all I want. So I think you’d be on the same page. [It’s] pretty simple.”