Modder Creates PlayStation 2 Portable With Console Parts


PlayStation 2: The youtuber and modification expert GingerOfOz is back. After showing off a portable Wii similar to the GameBoy Color, he has now made radical changes to a PlayStation 2.

The result is the PS2 Eclipse, a notebook that uses Sony console circuitry, parts from various manufacturers and a 3D printed plastic body. The result can be seen in full on GingerOfOz’s YouTube channel.

To make the PS2 Eclipse, it was necessary to extract and reduce the motherboard area of ​​a slim model of the console. He then printed the chassis in 3D and added a 5″ screen with a 480p resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio, as well as custom circuitry.

The controls are a real Frankestein: the triggers are original and also printed in 3D, the joysticks came from a Nintendo Switch and the buttons are originally from PS Vita. In all, two 3400 mAh batteries were added, which guarantees a lifetime of two and a half hours of uninterrupted gaming.

The result is a notebook that, by having the original hardware, brings compatibility with practically the entire PS2 library. But the device has some problems: reading games is from a USB drive which generates some slowdowns and button recognition sometimes does not work.

GingerOfOz explained that they had a lot of work in producing the model and it might take some time to show other creations. He also said that he will not sell the device, which is just a handcrafted experiment.


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