Mod puts Zelda city: Skyward Sword in Breath of the Wild


Modder Waikuteru shared on his official YouTube channel a video showing what the world of Zelda: Skyward Sword would be like in Breath of the Wild. The mod shows the city of Skyloft in its best version, containing the main scenarios and areas of the original.

According to the description in the video, the inclusion of the city of Skyward Sword was made possible by an editing “tool” present in BotW, which allows creators to add countless maps in the game and customize them as they see fit. In the case of Skyloft, it is observed that the area was perfectly replicated, both in aesthetics and in size.

In the video, several waterfalls, floating islands, colorful houses and even a market are shown, with all the transitions between maps very well done and with each soundtrack present whenever you go from one environment to another.

“There are four worlds accessible in Breath of the Wild: The normal world you can see in the background, the world you will be teleported to when entering a sanctuary, MainFieldDungeon (you will play in this world when trying to complete a Divine Beast or the test final), [e] AocField (this is a new world added with The Master Trials DLC, better known as Trial of the Sword), “said the modder.” The MainField is divided into 80 map sections. ”

In the explanation, Waikuteru also commented that out of the 80 existing sections in Hyrule, 75 can be used freely for the addition of mods, suggesting that Breath of the Wild is a real playground for those who enjoy editing and like to test personal and expansive projects.

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