Mod makes A.C Valhalla awesome with God of War camera

A player from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was able, through a seemingly simple modification, to adapt the game’s camera to the same perspective as God of War, editing the side field of view for a model closer to Eivor’s shoulders.

Despite being set in the same Nordic universe, the adventures of Eivor and Kratos have their singularities, both narrative and technical. However, with the complete change in the mechanics of God of War, including a new camera system closer to the protagonist, the Santa Monica Studios game attracted a lot of public attention, which managed to see more closely and with an incredible wealth of details. the new look of the God of War.

And thinking about it, Reddit user TheQuantum decided to include the GoW perspective in the latest game in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, bringing the field of view closer and editing the FOV to a side camera. For this, it is necessary to directly access the game files and set the FOVScale option to 0.45000. Check out the result below.

It is undeniable that the change in perspective leaves the game simply wonderful, with a surreal resemblance to God of War, even giving the impression that Valhalla takes place in the same setting.

What did you think of the mod? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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